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Meet Your Therapist

Angela Blesener, MS, LMHC, KAP

As a therapist, I approach each client with love and understanding, recognizing their individual strengths and resources. I create a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore and process your experiences. Expect to encounter a gentle and attentive presence, where I follow your lead and respect your pace.

I firmly believe in not pressuring you to abandon your coping strategies, confront your traumas prematurely, or address substance abuse until you are ready. Instead, my approach is to support you in achieving your own physical and emotional well-being goals. I meet you unconditionally at your current stage of change, and together we move forward from there.

I have also personally recovered from PTSD, and I am driven by a lifelong mission to help others in their own healing journey. I welcome any questions and provide an unconditionally safe, warm, and nonjudgmental space throughout every step of your journey.


Mission & Philosophy

I believe that changing our thinking about what triggers mean is really helpful. Often, we avoid triggers, but my philosophy and way of being act in the opposite manner: I see triggers as messengers and an invitation to delve deeper into our unconscious. Our symptoms are a form of communication; they are intelligent and exist for a reason. By following them, we can find a path to the root cause of our suffering."

The mind and body are interconnected, and true recovery requires an approach that addresses both aspects. Body-based therapies and psychedelic work offer unique and highly effective methods for healing, as it has been shown that a significant portion of our anxiety and unresolved pain resides in the body. That's why I embrace therapies that go beyond just using words or sharing stories to facilitate healing. Because when we talk about something, it activates the part of our brain that perceives it as happening in the present moment.


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