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Trauma Retreats


Trauma is highly treatable. However, the challenge lies in the fact that standard 50-minute therapy sessions often do not provide enough time to effectively process, digest, and release the symptoms from our bodies. Retreats offer a solution by creating dedicated time for your recovery from problematic issues, free from the distractions of day-to-day duties and tasks, and the limitations of time. The extended duration of an intensive retreat allows for a deeper exploration and uncovering of the core of the issue, rather than frequently starting and stopping in traditional therapy sessions.

As the day progresses, healing gains momentum and becomes a snowball effect. Due to these exponential effects, a 5-day intensive therapy program is equivalent to approximately a year of regular therapy. That's why I offer private, all-day, immersive, and experiential trauma counseling recovery intensives. Therapy intensives can consist of extended sessions lasting between two and three hours, or can span 6 hours of therapy with a break, running for 2 to 5 consecutive days. Retreats are open to everyone, regardless of their level of healing. Additionally, you don't have to reside locally. Clients can travel from anywhere and stay near St. Petersburg, FL to complete their treatment.

What is the first step?

In a trauma retreat or trauma therapy near me, we first complete an initial assessment to get to know one another and identify if moving forward with an intensive would be the best approach for your presenting issue. Together, we decide on the desired amount of time you wish to dedicate or may require for processing the issue, with options ranging up to 6 hours per day for consecutive days (including breaks).

What day the program look like?

You are the focus of the program. Throughout your Intensive, you are my top priority, guaranteeing uninterrupted processing sessions. There are no group sessions or pre-determined curriculum. The structure of each day is co-created to cater to your specific needs. I integrate various tools and provide support to address the core of your struggles. All interventions are evidence-based, rooted in science, and proven to be effective.

What will I learn and do?

​-Process childhood trauma, recent traumas and attachment wounds.

-Enhance self-awareness and self-acceptance.

-Develop greater empowerment in handling future difficult scenarios.

-Reduce emotional and physical pain while simultaneously enhancing your ability to connect with more enjoyable feelings, thoughts, and memories.


Who would benefit?

​-Those who prefer a more accelerated pace of progress compared to once-a-week therapy sessions.

-Those who wish to maintain their weekly therapist while addressing a specific issue that is causing them to feel stuck or is not being sufficiently addressed in their regular sessions.

-Those who need significant support at present and prefer not to spend months or even years in the traditional weekly model of therapy to experience improvement.

-Those who to prepare themselves for significant life events, such as a wedding, relocating to a new place, parenthood, starting a new job or school.

What is Included?

-One-on-one trauma counseling intensive tailored to your goals and needs

-Organic snacks, coffee, and tea

-Trauma-informed, gentle yoga 

-Ketamine journeys (with a medical clearance)

-Somatic, trauma releasing exercises



-Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)

-Creative Arts like bodymapping, molding clay, and music)

-Cacao ceremonies

How much does it cost?

When I reserve time for your Intensive, I will be reserving the entire day for you. The daily rate is $1,200/day or $1,400/day on weekends. The half day rate is $600 on a weekday or $700 on weekends. A 30% deposit will be required to confirm your Intensive reservation, and the remaining 60% will be paid during the Intensive. This fee includes a 60-minute session to prepare for our time together. A follow-up integration session is also included in this costs.

To learn more, use the 'Booking' tab to schedule a complimentary 20-minute consultation. You are also welcome to text or email me to set up a phone consultation to see if we might be a good fit to work together and to learn more about this process.

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