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Trauma & Psychedelic Retreats

Trauma & Psychedelic Retreats


Trauma Therapy Retreat | Trauma intensives are a period of several hours, or several days, of deep trauma work. Insurance companies are the ones that set the traditional once-a-week, 50-minute therapy model. Because this may not be the best fit for your specific needs and your healing process, I offer intensive trauma healing retreat therapy options that integrate different healing methods. The focus of my trauma retreat, typically, is on learning how to regulate the nervous system (where trauma is stored) and processing that trauma, in a warm and safe environment. Actual processing of traumatic memories is done in bursts of 45-60 minutes with breaks to debrief and relax between. 

In my experience of Healing service, longer session times allow people to go deep into the healing process and get more benefits. This is because we are able to go deeper, for longer, in a one-on-one space. Sessions may include: Brainspotting, EMDR, psychedelic therapy, nature walks/ecotherapy, trauma retreat conscious yoga, music, among other forms of creative expressions. Intensives are available in 2-hour blocks, 3-hour blocks, 4-hour blocks, for up to 8-hour 8-blocks of time. You are also available to book back-to-back days, for up to a week, for a more immersive experience.

Clients choose what traumas or issues they want to work on first and there is a collaborative process in mapping what the day looks like.

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