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Eco-therapy, also known as nature therapy, allows us to use the healing properties of nature to assist with recovery from PTSD. Walking and counseling can be used to strengthen the connection between the mind and the body.  Mind, body, spirit, and nature are inseparable. 

Trauma eco-therapy can also be combined with other healing modalities. For example, we might take a break on the beach and release some stuck tension with different body movements. We also might use the sun to soothe the nervous system by reconnecting with the present moment, visualizations and the breath. We may go paddleboarding as a way to practice staying connect and grounded to the here-and-now.

We may also combine ketamine, trauma releasing exercises with the outdoors (Pictures taken in walkng distance from Visceral Healing). Many of us are drawn to connect with nature in some way. Whatever your connection is - a higher power, an outlet, a space to ground, or a source for some wisdom to be expanded - we can begin exploring your relationship with the natural world.

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