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Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine Therapy


Sometimes for the change we most want to happen, we need to step outside of our daily lives and into a setting that supports the deepest parts of ourselves, parts that may otherwise be silenced without slowing down to listen. This is exactly the work that happens with Ketamine.

The purpose of using sublingual (underneath the tongue) ketamine is to assist the body in entering a deeper experience. . In my practice, I have found that the slower onset of the medicine creates a powerful setting for therapeutic work.

Many people find that psychotherapy alone does not get them as far as they would like in their healing process. One tool to get “unstuck” is Ketamine. Ketamine can help people reconnect with their bodies, increase willingness to be vulnerable, and assist with activating trauma memories (with some distance) so that we can process them together. Ketamine also creates an openness to reconsider rigid beliefs and stuck body sensations. Some have described ketamine as being a “lubricant” for processing difficult experiences.

Ketamine therapy at visceral healing is incredibly safe, legal, and also has a positive impact on the brain. Ketamine helps to rewire the neural networks of the brain. During this neural rewiring process, there is an openness to new thoughts and creative ideas.People describe having less rigid thoughts and a newfound ability to understand and see different parts of themselves - or see familiar parts of themselves in new ways. It has immense potential as a healing tool for people going through big life transitions such as a terminal cancer diagnosis, a divorce, or navigating relationship conflict.

I offer a highly personalized ketamine healing experience, integrating EMDR, Brainspotting, and Ketamine Therapy. The lanai provides a secluded, tropical setting, ensuring confidentiality and a comfortable, non-sterile healing environment. We enrich the process with movement, nature, walks, music, bodymapping, and various healing practices for a transformative journey beyond traditional couch sessions. 

The Ketamine Therapy Florida cost can vary depending on the type of therapy, the dosage and the number of sessions. As for Ketamine therapy cost is typically more expensive than other forms of therapy, but it can be a more effective treatment for some conditions.

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